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Adolescent Mental Health Princeton

Adolescent Mental Health Princeton

For the best adolescent mental health, Princeton offers, put your trust in CTRLCare. Personalized services and approaches to behavioral health often provide the most successful results. You’ll be amazed by the reasons why CTRLCare is the premier option for adolescent mental health services in Princeton. Take a few moments to check out the top five reasons why it is always best to rely on the experts at CTRLCare.

Top Five Reasons CTRLCare is the Best for Adolescent Mental Health Services

  1.     Experience – CTRLCare employs an elite team of certified professionals with years of experience working directly with teenagers. More often than not, parents mistake teen mental health issues for puberty hormones or teen angst. Luckily, CTRLCare’s staff knows what signs to look for when it comes to mental health and teen addiction. Working with young adults isn’t for the weak-hearted, making it a challenging, yet rewarding field for many professionals.
  2.     Youth Wellness Program – The Youth Wellness Program at CTRLCare embodies comprehensive mental and behavioral health services by offering effective engagement for change. With telehealth and inpatient services, the team at CTRLCare offers a well-rounded program exclusively for teens. Additionally, outpatient services are accessible in Princeton and surrounding areas.
  3.     Multiple Treatment Modalities – CTRLCare understands how different their client's needs are, which is why the facility offers CBT, play therapy, and EMDR. Nutrition, musical therapy, DBT, and sand play are other therapy types used at CTRLCare to promote engagement. Young adults often feel more at ease within an interactive environment, making expressive arts and play therapy essential to promote progress. Sometimes, the first step in making progress is breaking down walls and defense mechanisms.
  4.     Mind, Body, and Spirit – Unlike other young adult behavioral health services in Princeton, CTRLCare caters to the body, mind, and spirit. Through individual and family therapy sessions and holistic techniques, teens learn how to identify triggers and apply healthy coping mechanisms. Case management services help track each client’s progress, making it easy to see which therapies are providing the most effective results. Youth addiction and behavioral services tend to go hand in hand, as most young adults facing addiction often are diagnosed with some form of mental illness.
  5.     Personalized Treatment – Cookie-cutter treatment plans aren’t effective in helping everyone, which is why every treatment plan is personalized. Behavioral therapies must be tweaked to meet the specific needs of each client. At CTRLCare, a professional will sit with a teen and their parents to figure out the root of the problem. By understanding the root of a potential issue, our mental and behavioral health staff can make treatment suggestions that will provide real-time results. The map to success isn’t the same for every client.

Schedule an Initial Appointment

If you’re ready to help your teenager get the help they need, there is no better time to call CTRLCare at 609-237-0088. Getting started only takes a few minutes and can change your teenager’s future for the better. Connect with CTRLCare today to improve your future quality of life! The therapy solutions your teenager needs are waiting for you!

Adolescent Mental Health Princeton
CTRLCare Behavioral Health Princeton
Adolescent Mental Health Princeton
29 Emmons Drive Suite G-30
Princeton NJ 08540

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