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Sex Addiction Treatment

Get help to overcome an addiction to sex by calling Off the Crooked Path. Our recovery specialists will help you make a plan and put your plan into action while creating a treatment plan for your partner and other family members, as well. Check out free website resources and FAQs to learn more or call 312-593-1711.

Couples Intimacy Counselor

Work with a reputable couples intimacy counselor from Off the Crooked Path who can help you deal with infidelity in your relationship and create a plan that will restore your marriage. A sex addiction can take years to work through, during which time, both partners will need counseling and recovery services from OTCP.

Sex Addiction Therapy

An addiction to sex requires comprehensive treatment that includes sex addiction therapy, but it also requires trauma therapy for family members who are walking through a battlefield after discovering infidelity. Off the Crooked Path provides safe and effective treatment for every member in your family, including the addict's partner.

Sex Addiction Program

Compare our sex addiction program from Off the Beaten Path with other recovery programs to see why we are one of the most trusted sex addiction treatment centers in the country. Discuss treatment options with our staff when you reach out to us by phone at 312-593-1711 and take advantage of free Web resources, as well.

Sex Addiction Recovery

Sex addiction recovery can take 3-5 years, during which time the addict's partner may find themself walking through a very challenging time. Without the right support for family members, the addict's family life will spin out of control. Off the Crooked Path provides recovery services for the entire family to preserve relationships moving forward.

Weekly Sex Addiction Meeting

Attending a weekly sex addiction meeting may not be enough to save your marriage or keep you from returning to old behavioral patterns. If you need a real plan that will transform your life, contact Off the Crooked Path. Request a free consultation to better understand how we can help you overcome your addiction.

Sexual Sobriety

Sexual sobriety doesn't happen by sheer will power. You'll need a sound plan of action to avoid old patterns and commit to living a whole new life. If you need help with a sex addiction, make a free call to Off the Crooked Path at 312-593-1711 and ask to speak with our recovery specialists about your addiction.

Sex Addict Therapy

Choosing the right therapist for your sex addict therapy is the most crucial part of your recovery plan. If you or your partner is addicted to sex, both of you will need counseling, therapy, and recovery services to work through the issue, especially if your goal is to salvage the relationship and stay together.

Virtual Sex Addiction Therapist

In your search for a virtual sex addiction therapist, keep off the Crooked Path in mind for video therapy sessions and online recovery services. It's not necessary to travel to our recovery center in order to take part in treatment sessions and therapy; let us know when you call that you're interested in our virtual recovery services.

Sex Addiction Service

Contact Off the Crooked Path for personalized sex addiction service for everyone in your family. All too often, the addict receives the most intense treatment while other members of the family are left to try and put the pieces of their lives back together. At OTCP, we offer trauma treatment for partners and children.
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