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Comprehensive Sex Addiction Recovery Services for the Entire Family.

We hold space for the healing and recovery from the devastation of sex addiction for the entire family so that no one falls between the cracks.

Where Do I Go from Here?

We offer Sex Addiction Assessment Packages, Disclosure to Children Assessment and Intervention, and Safety and Stabilization for the Betrayed Partner.You deserve to be supported through your betrayal trauma.


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With a thorough interview process we will assess the most immediate needs of your family.


Make a Plan

We will provide wrap around service treatment recommendations that hold safe space for the entire family.


Plan in Action

We will put the plan into action and begin the process of creating safety and stabilization for the family.

Your Trauma Is Real.

For so many partners of sex addicts you are left alone to figure out where to turn next, find the right help, make painful and serious decisions and you might not have anyone to share some of the painful parts of your life with. When you are in a trauma state you are not supposed to be able to make decisions that require thoughtful deliberation and intentionality, you are running and fighting for your emotional life. Here are some common questions partners ask after a discovery:

1. How long does Sex Addiction treatment last?

For a meaningful recovery, it is estimated to take 3-5 years.

2. What are the stages of recovery that I can expect?

Unfortunately, the early stages of discovery, sobriety and early recovery can feel very much like a proverbial rollercoaster ride and are not linear. The early work is getting the addict sober and working their way out of denial, rationalization, and blame and getting them to be more honest and take responsibility for their choices. For their partner, the early stages are all about supporting and establishing solid, healthy boundaries and working on decreasing PTSD symptoms.

3. What are the options for treatment for the addict?

There are a variety of treatment options that we can recommend, depending on what we learn from the assessment process. They include outpatient therapy with a CSAT, 12-Step Programs, Intensive treatment, inpatient treatment, and others.

4. What do I tell my children and other family members?

This is a complicated question. We will assist you in deciding who your support systems are and how to safely let people who love you know what’s going on. We will also show you how to talk to your children about the conflict at home.

5. How do I know if I should stay or leave the relationship?

This is a question I’ve been asked by so many partners. The answer that is hard to believe but just as true is, with the right kind of help and support, you will know when you know.

About Rachel

As the child of a father who died in active addiction, I can speak specifically about the consequences of children who grow up in a home full of secrets, gaslighting, crazy-making, partial truths, and at times, too much truth. I know about how the ‘crooked path’ active addiction can take someone.

Beyond my personal experience, I am also a therapist who has been working with adolescent and adult survivors of addiction and trauma for more than twenty five years. This work with so many amazing families has made me very aware of the intergenerational traumas that occur in families impacted by addiction. I have been truly inspired by my clients. The families I work with have the courage every day to learn to live in recovery. These families are discovering how to be rigorously honest and how that begins the long healing process for addicts, spouses, and children. Vicariously, that’s my healing process as well. Addiction is a family disease and Off the Crooked Path wants to provide the support for the entire family struggling with sex addiciton and begin the path towards integrity, authenticity and recovery.